Drum sound is gone

I saved the Standard Drumkit with a new name and modified it. That means I added some additions drum sounds. After I saved the drum kit there is no drumsound when you press the preview button. All the original drumsounds are ok only the newly added one are gone. I use wav 16bit, 48khz and copied also already in the user lib directory etc but no change. Has somebody an idea what I do wrong here?

You’d better check both official video and the one by @Psalm40 on how to edit/create drumsets.
At first, you need to use BBManager to add your WAV sounds to either an existing or a newly created drumset.
Then (in case of newly added drumset) you need to check it to copy it to the project.
Next you should choose your drumset as the default for the song you wish.
– At this point you will start hearing your actual sounds in BBManager for your selected song.
And, lastly, in order to have your drumset correctly added to the pedal, you need to either Export Project to Pedal (or Synchronize, if allowed).

Always keep in mind that you will either need to select your drumset manually whenever you want to use it after selecting a song, or set it as a default for that song via BBManager.