Drum Volume

I’m a new BeatBuddy user and I’m using it for live performances. I’m still at the stage of using the songs that are included with the BeatBuddy and I’ve noticed some songs play at different volumes without me increasing or decreasing it. Is the volume built in to each song and, if so, can the volume of each song be adjusted so that everything will play at the same level?


Some of the the threads in this link might help Search results for 'Beatbuddy song volume ' - Singular Sound Forum

As @persist points out, there are posts going back years on this topic. One suggested approach was to add a mixer, but I can’t use my hands to make “on the fly” adjustments during gigs. The approach I’m using now is to use a volume pedal for live playing, which helps somewhat but doesn’t work all that well. Another approach I sometimes use is to increase the velocity of MIDI files in Logic Pro - that sometimes reduces large volume differentials but I haven’t been able to get sufficiently precise results.

Ideally, a normalization function or something similar could be added to BeatBuddy Manager. It seems clear that many BB users would appreciate that, and IIRC forum members have been requesting that for several years - unfortunately to no avail so far, but hope springs eternal.


I as well as apparently many others have experienced this problem. I use OnSong to trigger my BB and on the song page I put a “sticky” note that says “VOLUME UP” so I remember to turn it up on the pedal prior to beginning the song. The trick is to remember to lower it down before starting another song!

I use OnSong, too. I’ve never thought about using a sticky note like that! Thanks.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my transcripts so you can see how I use them.