Drumkit load speed

Probably somebody has already mentioned this here, but if you want your BB to operate faster, replace poor class 4 SD card delivered with BB to class 10 SD card. To compare the speed, for example Metal kit takes approximately 63 sec to download on provided class 4 SD, while only 7 sec with class 10 SD card.

Great tip, thanks!

Where did you find that type of Card?


I bought mine from Amazon.

63 seconds (~1 minute) to load a drum set?! That doesn’t sound right.

Are we talking transfer from computer to card, or time to load the drum kit in the BB?

In practice both. At least for me, BB became much faster with class 10 SD card in compared with provided class 4 type SD card.

A minute seems long to me too. I usually see about 10-15 seconds load time on my BB.


i’m using the stock SD card. Metal #1 loads in 7 seconds flat.
Maybe try reformatting your original SD card and try it again.
the file system might have got corrupted
its easy to accidentally brush up against the card, ejecting it
SD cards don’t like that
I wish the SD card didn’t stick out the back
IMO it should insert far enough to be flush

Amen brother. Just about “every” other SD device has the card flush or behind a “door” - while there’s no need for a door, there’s no reason why it should stick out. Haven’t gigged yet, but I imagine it breaking or ejecting during transport or even during a gig…

Thanks for the tip !

I was just considering purchasing a package of SanDisk 8GB Class 4 cards.

Makes you wonder why they include a crappy 4GB class 4 card with the BB because it’s seems to have a lot of issues and the fact that everything about the BB depends on the SD card quality the BB should come with a top notch quality SD card just for the sake of reliability and to eliminate any bad reputation for the BB ?

I’ve never had a problem and neither have most. I suspect whatever they shipped with would have a percentage of issues. Some issues maybe card related others could be data corruption and lastly there is user error.

That just historically happened. To have some insight to the process - there were several years between a BeatBuddy concept idea to the complete working pedal. At early stages, a more accessible option was chosen. Now it is, of course, redundant. Yet, all the process of manufacturing new pedals and writing initial firmware on brand new pedals that are just out of the assembly line are now dependent on having SD cards of exactly 4Gb.

May be some time in the future this will change, but this is how it is as of currently.

It might be worth noting that the newer standards for cards were designed for write speed in high capacity cameras and video recorders that need sustained xfer speeds so they wouldn’t be a requirement for reading a small 100mb drum file. On my SD 100’s of midi patterns for songs take less than 10MB and the wavs for standard kits plus about 5 others is less than 900MB so also can’t see where filling the other 2/3 of the 4GB is a concern. That being said, from the knob select all kits on my pedal load very fast. When changing kits via song definitions they can take a little longer, maybe 5-10 seconds but still nowhere near a minute. Even so, I’ve taken the approach someone posted earlier to leave song level drum kits undefined so that the kit is changed manually when needed and where song switch is instant.

I have 2 after market cards that take around a minute to load a fairly complex kit (Rock-Bass-Piano and Organ). Just bought a backup BB unit and transferred all data to the supplied card, which loads around 5 seconds for the same kit. All cards seem to be class 4 (I am assuming the 4 inside the C means Class 4) and are 4 Gb. Any reason why the same types of cards have different load speeds?