drums and bass


was this supposed to include bass guitar lines following the drums? I get no bass at all.


No, that was just the name of the style used. Currently BeatBuddy is designed for adding drum sounds exclusively.


I do not own a BB yet as I am waiting for the sofware and other items to get a little more polished before I drop $350, but I am very familiar with using samples and such on older technology drum machines and ios apps. On other units I have been able to add bass lines to drums by using Wavs of bass notes along with the drum Wavs. I have sets of these for different keys somewhere. Since the BB is polyphonic (ie you can have more than one sound triggered at a time), it seems that this would be doable, although it may be a little cumbersome and a bit limited. Can we not create custom drumsets with whatever Wav sounds we want and stack them. I am not talking bass loos, but inv triggered bass sounds. So you create a kit that is specific for a drum sound and bass progression - Only problem I see is you would be limited to the changing bass line/progression by the max amount of measures the BB allows before it loops. Am I missing something here?

I know the Bass part was maybe not the original thought of BB, but it really would set the unit apart, and as a guitarist, is really the key for a true rythmn machine.