Drums behind

Does anyone use a Simmons DA50 for gigs? Or do I have to go for the DA 200s? Or something else?
I would like to have the drums behind us like a real drummer.

I think there was a user that posted that they were happy with their DA 50 for small gigs. Seems to be a larger number of DA 200S owners voicing their opinions though. Lots of thoughts that users have shared.

Take your pedal to a Guitar Center and audition both Simmons models.

Did you get the 50 ?
I’m looking at it, but just for playing around my house.

I had the 200 which was great but I sold it and got a Roland KC-550 because it has a 15” speaker. I think that as a basement player, you will be happy with the 50.

I’m using two Yamaha MSP5 studio monitors with little 5 inch woofers right now.
it works…but certainly has a small sound.