Drums + Click Track?

I’m relatively new to the Beatbuddy, but I use it for our church worship team most weeks since we do not have a regular drummer, and I absolutely love it. Right now I only use it in mono (left). Something I was wondering about is, could a setting be made such that a metronome sound (either default, or selectable sound!) only could be sent from the right channel? Preferably the click would be on as soon as the song is selected (similar to how the new version shows the visual metronome even while stopped). That way I could send my drums to the FOH and the click to the monitors (IEMs) without having to use separate devices and worry about syncing the tempos via midi. Although the visual metronome helps, I can’t always be looking down for a song where the drums don’t enter until halfway into the song.

Currently, to keep the band on tempo, I usually set some sort of tap (ride, high hat, etc.) during times in songs where the drums are not in. This does work, but I would prefer to send a click that goes only in my IEMs and is synced to the BB tempo.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I haven’t gotten into the realm of programming stuff in Ableton or anything like that…I would like to keep it all on one device. Thanks!

Hi Aaron. @emacnevin posted a clever idea: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/click-track.1062/#post-3750

It might get you started . . . .

Thanks. That is one idea. I currently have a volume pedal connected after the BB left output, so I guess I could connect the right output to feed only the monitors and adjust the volume for the FOH feed from the left. Only problem is then I have to work 2 separate pedals simultaneously at the time I want to bring the drums in if I want an intro fill. Also, I could see myself forgetting to bring up the volume for the FOH if I’m already hearing the drums!

Has anyone tried syncing to an iphone/ipad app like TEMPO using the BB midi out as the master? Then I could just run the headphone out of the iphone/ipad to the monitor feed for a click that is synced to the BB tempo.

After a little thought, I’m wondering if I could make a metronome sound (.wav file) that is panned hard right that I could include in my drum kit, has anyone tried something like this? Doing this I could foresee setting up a “click” midi file to use as a drum part for portions of songs that wouldn’t have drums, and it would only come out of the right output of the BB.

Any advice on how to make such a .wav file for a click (woodblock or something similar) panned to one side? I have a copy of Presonus StudioOne my pc, but haven’t really used it much, I assume I could do it in there.

Another thought is to midi sync to a metronome like a Boss DB-90, but that requires another $100+ purchase…

Any update on this I would also find it useful for click to be in ears also