Drums only in the song files?

Trying to get JUST DRUMS from the song files category. I downloaded several of the songs, loaded them on my beat buddy to find that there is hardly any content to the “songs” I selected. Am I missing something? Looking for Call Me the Breeze, found it, with midi files etc. Loaded it on my beat buddy and there is no content. I just want drums, no bass, no instruments. Please Help, Thank You.

Just use a kit that doesn’t have instrumentation. The drums should always be in the same place on the midi grid. Choosing a kit without bass, keys or any other add-ons will only play the drums. let me know if you understand and if this is a fix for you.


Just tried it again, downloaded Call Me the breeze, imported to beat buddy, there is no info in the main drum loop. I tried several drum sets. I do understand your reply. Thank You! The material purchased from Singular Sound works perfectly. If they had the song in the Singular Sound library, I’d buy it!

Ok. Now I know what you are doing. In one press songs, OPB, DOP, etc, the “main loop” section is empty. It is usually a part titled Null or Blank. The drums for the whole song are in the intro or outro section. That is how one press songs work. If the song part in the intro, just start the song to play it. If the song part is in the outro, start the to get the blank loop looping, then double tap the song to go to the outro, which plays the whole song.

Thank You Phil. Got it!