Drums Panning (Left & Right), Copy-Paste of Instruments

Drums Panning

Within the Drumset Maker: Set an Instruments Panning to Left / Right in % from -100 to 0 to +100. So you can set the Hi Hat a little Left and the Ride a little Right for example!

Also it would be easier to put the Drums to the Left and the Bass (if used) to the Right Chanel!

Copy paste instruments

Within the Drumset Maker: Copy one Instrument with all its wav files (and the kick drum has up to 20 wav files!) and paste it somewhere else!

The sobriety feature is actually a really good idea. BUT I would really love to see a state BEFORE the “Tipsy” state! Which means:
No speed changes of the “drummer” but some minor mistakes like harder and softer hits, mishits (not playing some notes) and so on. This would actually make the Beatbuddy even sound more realistic!

All of that would be fantastic!