Drumset creators wanted

Hi folks,

are there some professionals among the users here, who would create drums for the songs for money?

let me know. :wink:

keep on rocking

Usually the users will do the songs for free if a midi source file is available. Don’t know if there’s anybody here that’s sequencing just drums from midi files.

If you have a chart, i.e., sheet music of the drum file, I could help you out. That or a midi file. Working from audio is much too labor intensive.

I play drums and also ukulele. I am considering buying a beatbuddy pedal to use live with my ukulele.
I know little about midi usage…but it seems like people are creating custom song files by manipulating
the midi notes in the manager program. Could i as a drummer with electronic drum pads drum a song
in real time into a midi sequencer program…then load those midi files into the manager program
to either be cut up into parts OR just used as a straight through backing song player…then linked
with a drum set in the pedal…and used ?

If you create the midi file in a sequencer program, you would cut the midi file into sections using that program. After you drum your song into the sequencer, you would edit it into intro, verses, chorus, etc, and then you would import those midi files into Beat Buddy Manager to build the song. You could then try it out with the various available drum kits. Most are at least partially mapped to GM requirements. But, when you get to that point, we can address any specific issues.

So then it IS Do-able that if i’m good at doing drum covers ( listening to the original recording
and playing along with it into a midi program in real time…that it WOULD be a quicker and easier way to create
files for a song i want to cover all done and ready to implement ? especially if i didn’t want to cut it up into
parts, but just trigger it as a full song straight through track ? Then to craft a custom song file by working in
the beatbuddy manager.
( Which midi program/programs would you recommmend for that ? i have a macbook.
Thanks, Dave

I do all my work in Logic Pro X, and on a Mac, I wouldn’t recommend anything else. There are other cheaper choices, but you get what you pay for.

Thanks Phil

I agree with Phil F. Logic Pro X (LPX) is a solid DAW but if you’re not inclined to spend ~200USD for Logic Pro X, you can search this forum for how emacnevin uses GarageBand (GB) and another app to export the MIDI file.


GB is very similar to LPX (except it doesn’t export to MIDI without that additional app, GB2MIDI).

If you want to try another DAW that works on a Mac, Reaper is also solid. You can evaluate it for free and if you decide that it’s what you want, it’s around ~60USD. The only issue I have with Reaper is that it was initially developed for PCs and so the interface is kind of PC-centric (polite word for quirky).

I use both and prefer LPX but sometimes it’s a lot easier to use Reaper.

One more thing, you can start doing development for Beat Buddy without having the pedal. Download the Beat Buddy Manager software, and create a SD card from scratch. (@persist - please provide a link for this) The Beat Buddy Manager software contains an emulator of the pedal. You can see how the songs are structured and get an idea of what you need to do. Also, I presume you have a way to get your drums into midi, i.e., a midi drum kit and some kind of recording interface. But, actually, as far as the interface goes, you can go directly from a sound module into the Mac using midi over bluetooth, with a $50 Yamaha BT-01. I don’t know how fast it would track for a drum kit, but you could always record slow and then set the tempo afterwards.

You don’t need to mess around with the SD card yet if you don’t have the pedal. Just follow my instructions:

  • install the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) s/w
    • make sure that it creates the workspace folder to your user/Documents location
  • download the Default BeatBuddy Content Update from https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/
  • expand the zip file
  • from BBM > File > Open Project; navigate to the folder BeatBuddy_Default_Content-July_27_2016-SD_card_backup you just expanded and the BBM should open and import the project from that folder
  • from BBM > File > Save Project As; navigate to your workspace folder and give it a new nave to save it there
    • use the BBM Tools > Set Workspace Location to the location of your workspace folder
    Your BBM should look similar to the screen shot

I just purchased the Beatbuddy today and haven’t recieved it yet. Do you mean just create drum tracks for songs? I use GM files and make other songs in FL Studio all the time. If you are doing something for the Beatbuddy it all goes on channel 10. Stuff I do is more groove oriented so a lot of 808, 909, Linn and ethnic percussion sounds.
I have a long way to go before I figure out the Beatbuddy and what it can do.