Drumset download

Trying to download drumsets into my BB-manager but download “stops” before 100%. Is this a pc problem? I think i have followed correct procedure for downloading…Latest now is “World Percussion”, stopped at 47% and nothing more is happenning…

This is normal. The number does not represent the imported percentage of the drum set’s size but rather the imported file size of the drum set. So if the drum set is 47Mb, that number reflects that it imported the 47Mb of the file.

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Ok, thank you. So the download is complete at 47%?

Assuming you got a complete download of the drum set file, yes. Not all drum sets and kits are exactly 100Mb-sized files

ok, thanks. Will try downloading to my sd card now and see what happens.

I thought the Beat Buddy came with different artists drum songs?

Afraid not. They provide “genre” folders with beats users can use to build songs. Sort of like digital Lincoln logs. This is the default content.

They offer artist songs and custom content. This is the premium content.