Drumset Import World Percussion

Hey Everyone!

My BBM Project went chernobyl so am currently rebuilding a new Project.

I`ve downloaded all my purchased things, but for some reason the World percussion kit wont install… But everything else installed no problem.

I tried deleting the original download, downloaded again but still same issue.

I can open the drum set via the Open Drum Set feature, but cant save it into my project…

I`ve searched topics in here, i tried the save as a different name trick but still no luck…

I`m on BBM on a Mac 10.13.6

Any clues / ideas / hot tips???

Thankyou muchly!

File>import>drum set. Select the .drm file.

One of the biggest reasons for a complete project meltdown is trying to add anything to your BB Workspace without using BB Manager. Another reason is using names for songs, drum kits, or song parts which include a period, like Mrs. Robinson; song one, version 1.1; 52nd St. kit, etc.

Am doing that sequence of events as you described, which works for all kits bar the world percussion kit…

Will try the period trick.

No. Do not use periods. That kills things.

Make sure your BB firmware is the latest version. Check Singulars downloads for BB.

Yep, everything is up to date… Strange. Can only assume the download is the issue.

That does happen sometimes. You can download it again and give another try.