Drumset issue....

I’m sure I’m just not following the proper procedure, but:

When I change Drumsets on BB Manager, then sync, the original drumset is on the BB

What is the proper procedure?


Are you saving the project using your BBM before you try to sync?

I am not…I save the song…didn’t know about having to save the project…will that do it?

It should. When you sync, it syncs the project–not the song.

Thanks for the help…I’ll work on it tonight!

Ok…apparently that didn’t work…any other ideas anyone?

In the settings menu, what is the setting at:

Main Pedal > Default Drum Set

It should be set to ‘enabled’.

I don’t have a “Settings Menu”

Press the Drum Set and Tempo knobs at the same time. There’s another menu that reveals itself.

ok…tried that…didn’t work

Looks to me like the BBManager isn’t acknowledging the initial drum kit change. There should be an asterisk that comes up next to the song title when there’s a change pending. Some ideas:

  1. Try the same sequence with other kits. There’s something funny about the Latin Kit IIRC.

  2. Play the song with the new drum kit in the BBM before you save the song and make sure that it’s playing with a kit other than Standard.

  3. Change the default tempo or something else about the song to see if you can get the BBM to acknowledge you’ve made a change that needs to be saved. If the BBM will acknowledge a change, then it should recognize that the project on the SD needs to be updated.

  4. Update to the latest version of BBM - get the beta by asking user: Persist or BBSupport for the latest.

KCguitar58, thanks for the video. I’ve tried to replicate your issue on my Mac but everything works as it’s supposed to—the Latin kit gets updated on the pedal. Which version of the BeatBuddy Manager are you using and if it’s the latest beta, did you uninstall the old version beforehand?

The only differences I can see is that I sync my SD card by plugging directly into my computer’s built-in slot reader. So in addition to what Rob22315 suggests, you can try the following:

Please post back here and let us know how it’s going.

Tech support says it’s a bug…
I thought about something though…I’ve upload the song “Girl from Impanema” that I programmed…would someone download it and see if you have the same issue??

I just downloaded the song and imported it to the BeatBuddy Manager. It loads with the Standard drum set. I change the drum set to Latin 1 and Save Project and then Sync to SD card. It shows with the Latin drum set.

So which of the things Rob22315 and myself suggested have you tried? In a moment or two I’m going to open a Conversation. Check your forum Inbox.

Due to gig overload (three shows last week, nice problem to have)…I’ve not been able to go too deep with changing firmware back, etc
Then when support told me it was a bug, I just stopped working on it…I’ll have more time this week to noodle around with it

changing the drum kit …#1 …you need to save the song, not the project …press play …it asks to save song.
…then the next step is 2) save the project . looks like you’re missing step 1 :wink:
… even if you change tempo one bbm, the ‘song’ needs saving… ( or change drums…etc )
good luck.

Thanks…yeah…tried that too…turns out there was a bug in the software…fortunately, with the latest update to BBM, the problem is resolved!!

Thanks again for your input