Drumset Maker Bug

I can’t recall if we have addressed this before. When I make a change to a kit, any change at all, for example altering a volume level, and then Save the kit, normally, BBM goes through this whole visible writing and saving process, showing a Removing Drumset, Importing Drumset, and ultimately, Refreshing Default Names process. That is how I assume the Save process is suppose to work, and when it works, it’s fine. However, often when I make such a change and then Save the kit, that process does not run. Further, if I then quit the program, and select Yes to save the changed project, upon restart, then changes to the kit have not been retained. I have found the way to work around this is to do a Save As for the altered kit, and then remove the original kit and Import the kit that I Saved As. But while we are in the process of looking at bugs, if the time could be found to address this one, it would speed my workflow, and I would be appreciative.

And, I know we are not doing new features on the current planned BBM release, but if we could find a way to make the drum set names sort alphabetically in both the Drum Sets list and the drop down Default Drum Set from the Song, that would also be a greatly appreciated change.

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I tried to alter the volumes on one of your kits a ‘long’ while ago,
& was scared off of touching drumkits for the reason you’ve given.
I also tried to rename your kits to my preferences ( shorter names),
but they just returned as the original name. then I quit trying.