Drumset sorting

Because I use the midi commands to identify which drumset to use depends on the order number which it is listed.

Is there a way to sort the listing for the drums?

Hi, i have the same need.
You can open the /drumsets/config.csv with text editor and rearrange the order, and change number, but i don’t know if with manipulation is dangerous?

Yes, manipulating config.csv files is dangerous and NOT recommended. This goes back to my previous reply about always and only using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to manage songs, folders and drum sets. So if it can’t be managed by the BBM, do not use your computer OS to modify the files.

Although I have never tried this, you could try the Drum Set Creator (within the BBM) to rename all of your drum sets numerically e.g., 01 NP StdPBass 63-91; 02 NP Standard Pro Bass; 03 NP Vintage Ludwig Bass, etc but I don’t know that the BBM files that control the drum sets sort order are configured to sort by name. For example, when you import a new drum set, the newest drum set that has been imported or modified appears at the bottom of the drop down list of drum sets. To me this indicates that the drum sets are sorted by the date they were modified or added. Another behavior I’ve seen is that the drum sets will jump out of order. Where it might be at the end of the drop down list today, next week it could be the 3d kit in the list. If you decide to try renaming the drum sets, do not use a period in the numbering scheme i.e., 01. 02. as this could cause (possibly disastrous) issues; let us know how this turns out if you do try to number the drum sets.

I think but I’m not positive that if Song ID is ever made to work in the BBM, it could also be used with the drum set to track dynamically.

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Thx for your answer.
In the list of screen song, the order is good but not in drumset list.
When i rename the drumset with drumsetcreator, the drumset order not change.
The only solution is delete all drumset and reimport with the good order.
Maybe you can develop a function for sorting drumset in next update ?

This has been a long-standing request from users. I don’t know where nor even if Singular Sound has this on some list of priorities for development.

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I just decided to do the test.

  1. I made a copy of the SD card.
  2. I opened the /drumsets/config.csv file with a Word text editor.
  3. I changed the order and numbers e.g.

8BFD28FE.DRM, 15. Standard Pro on 8BFD28FE.DRM, 1. Standard Pro,
5104D161.DRM, 22. Ballads on 5104D161.DRM, 2. Ballads etc.
and I changed the order 123…
4. I saved the config.sys file
5. I deleted the old config.sys file from the SD card, and pasted the new config.sys file
for me BB Works fine.
Warning. Do not change anything except numbers.