Drumstic intro

We need a 4 beat drumstick intro does anybody know how to Di it it would help with acoustic songs cheers , steve

You can in the BB manger, put your cursor over the intro that you want to replace in your song and click. A window will open that will allow you to navigate to the metronome and in that folder is 4 beat with no accents. That should get you what you are looking for. Try only one song at a time. Save project. Sync. Test.


The following topic has a “count in”, change the extension to a midi file and as Pstrdenver has said click the intro and find the file to add it.

If you ant to use the Metronome click and can’t find the folder, look on the SD card, if it not there - download the latest content, my tutorial videos shows you how to do that.

So I have just added the Metronome midi as an intro and found the folder in BBWorkspace/default_lib/midi_sources/Metronome

The metronome sound is a ticking noise, not a cross-stick sound.

So I made my own count-ins. Please tell me how you like them. There’s a “normal” one as requested by the OP and a few with upbeats.

Hi there,

I just revised the count-ins I posted above. I figured that in some cases you might not want the cross-sticks to be as loud as they were, so I toned down their velocity a little.

Please report back how you like them.

Another update:

I added 1234 count-ins to the 1-2-1234 ones and put everything together in one folder (1234, 1-2-1234, loud, quiet).

Some feedback would be nice. :wink:

EDIT: I know this is a side stick sound, not a cross stick sound. But I still think it’s better than the metronome sound.

Can’t wait to try them when the Mac software is ready. Thanks!