Dry Drum kit 2 By Martann with Tamborim and pandeiro sounds!

I created a Dry drum kit using EZdrummer and battery 3, but also adds
a whole new library of percussion sounds: Surdo, Triangle, blocks, shakers, etc.
Below is the full listing of the instruments and MIDI instrument number
they are assigned.
This drum set will not change any drum sets, songs, or sounds in your
BeatBuddy pedal. This drum set is an additive overlay to your pedal and
will not destroy any settings or work that you have. The new WAV samples
will take approximately 50 MB on your BeatBuddy SD card.


34 Open Surdo
35 Mute Surdo
36 C1 Bass Drum
37 Side Stick
38 Snare Drum
42 Closed Hi-hat
43 Floor Tom
44 Pedal Hi-hat
45 Low Tom
46 Open Hi-hat
48 C2 Mid Tom
49 Crash Cymbal 1
50 High Tom
51 Ride Cymbal
53 Ride Bell
54 Tambourine Tambourine Edge
55 Splash Cymbal
57 Crash Cymbal 3
59 Crash Cynbal 4
60 C3
69 Shaker
72 C4
76 High Wood Block
77 Low Wood Block
80 Mute Triangle
81 Open Triangle
83 Open Tamborim
84 High Tamborim
85 Low tamborim
86 Mute Pandeiro
87 Open Pandeiro
88 Platinela 1
89 Platinela 2
You may download it from DropBox folder

Thanks Martann, I’m downloading now!!

Great Kit! Very good sounds.

How did you créate a samples wav files from EZdrummer? I try to find the Ez samples but they are together as a one big drum kit file and i dont find a way to open it.
I just bought the post rock ezx and i want to make a drum kit from that. Sounds increíble… The ballad drum kit from BB web it sound deep, long and dark but not clouse to de Post Rock Ezx… Your drum kit is not for ambient rock or post rock no? If i learn how to créate samples from Ez i,ll do a drum kit!
Thanks for answering…

Hi Chema,
I used Sonar and Ez drummer to created the samples, I only loaded the Ez kit that I choice and recorded each drum sounds kick, snare, stick… I used between 8 and 12 midi level for the drums part, after this I made a bounce cut and save each wave sample.
Eg. Kick01 (midi level 10) kick02 Midi level 20)…kick12 (midi Level 127).
Made the same with another drum part and load the samples in Beatybuddy manager.
If you use the EZdrummer samples the sounds will not very good because when you hit a sample you 'll hear only one EZ drum mic and when a drummer hit a snare each drum mic record this sound.
Let. me know if you have some question.

Yes, first thanks for your answers… do you Tell me it will be not sound well? Oooo what a pity… So why are you making your own drum kits from Ez If Its not soundind right?
I dont know what Sonar is … Is a free aplicacion? I going to search it…
And other problem that i have is in 100 M i Sint have in off space for a Ez drum kit no? You Tell me you Are making a 12 wav for a instrument… Is not todo much… If i récord 4 for example and map from 0 to 127 it will be sound worst?
If you can help me my Facebook is Chema León. And mail teatrodelasfuebtes@gmail.com
Thanks a lot…

Oyes, Chema. Si buscas algo gratis para arreglar midi, puedes usar Presonus Studio.

Thanks to share, very good sound love it

I wasn’t too sure about this at first, but the more I use it, the more I appreciate it. It’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!!!

Hi Martann,
Thanks very much for creating this drum kit, but the download link is dead. Is it still available? I’m a choro player and would love to use it.

Martann has not been around since some time in 2016. You can get the kit here:


Thanks Phil!

Nice & Useful kit, Thanks !