Dry drum kit by Martann

I created a Dry drum kit using EZdrummer and battery 3, but also adds
a whole new library of percussion sounds: Surdo, Triangle, blocks, shakers, etc.
Below is the full listing of the instruments and MIDI instrument number
they are assigned.
This drum set will not change any drum sets, songs, or sounds in your
BeatBuddy pedal. This drum set is an additive overlay to your pedal and
will not destroy any settings or work that you have. The new WAV samples
will take approximately 50 MB on your BeatBuddy SD card.


34 Open Surdo
35 Mute Surdo
36 C1 Bass Drum
37 Side Stick
38 Snare Drum
42 Closed Hi-hat
43 Floor Tom
44 Pedal Hi-hat
45 Low Tom
46 Open Hi-hat
48 C2 Mid Tom
49 Crash Cymbal 1
50 High Tom
51 Ride Cymbal
53 Ride Bell
54 Tambourine Tambourine Edge
55 Splash Cymbal
57 Crash Cymbal 3
59 Crash Cynbal 4
60 C3
69 Shaker
72 C4
76 High Wood Block
77 Low Wood Block
80 Mute Triangle
81 Open Triangle

You may download it from DropBox folder

Sounds great!! Thanks

Thanks Brainyricardo!

Hi everybody I made a update and post a new kit with new sounds for this Kit!!!

sounds great. the link seems to be dead for me though. possible to try and update??
https://www.dropbox.com/s/swpawojpk4fpe26/Dry Drum Kit_by_Martann.rar?dl=0

Hi, I will fix this soon.
Try to download in this link:


Is there a different link to the wav samples that I missed? Only able to download the DRM file. No wav files.

The dropbox link is bad again. I’m new to BB and it scares me that there are so many bad links for any downloads. Isn’t there some place to store these files on the beatbuddy website instead of dropbox (which obviously is only good as long as the member subscribes to it)?

Anyone have a copy of this drumkit? I’m especially looking for the muted triangle sound.

Drum kit files are too large to load on the Forum. Be glad that they were put on Dropbox, or EVERY drum kit would be gone, just like EVERY song was lost in November. Yeah, it’s annoying that some guys close their Dropbox accounts or clear them out. Whatever. It’s free stuff. Be grateful for what you get. I think I have a muted triangle in some kit. I might have Martann’s kit. Or, that link might have been dead for over a year. Let me see what I have.


Thanks for the super quick response, Phil!! Pardon my ranting, but I would think that a small part of my $300 for this pedal could go to paying for some server space at singularsound.com

Thanks that one worked

I agree but most likely they are not making much on the pedal (loss leader) and using the $ to pay for overhead of development team and R&D and hoping they get people to buy the paid for songs?
I agree a dedicated file server would be nice as hdds/space is cheaper and cheaper all the time.
SS / BB is not a huge company so…

I love the BB and this forum is invaluable. I’ve written and pointed out to Singular Sounds that they directly refer to the user content and forum as one of the features Beat Buddy and in fact link to it from their main page. The stuff here is ‘free’ but it cost me £300 to join the club :slight_smile: and I am not appreciating that a great many of the links no longer work. I will say the effort and time by all on re-loading the songs is greatly appreciated, but the seemingly lack of formal response and still no fix is making me wonder how focused they are on this topic and if they are reading this, stops me from spending on the premium content. Anyaway rant over, time to enjoy the pedal and all the great work the forum users have and continue to do, thanks.