"dry natural kick" for live acoustic music ?

Hi everyone.

i’m a Turkish nylon string guitarist - singer who is singing pop, latin pop, flamenco and kind of soft music styles on stage.
i’m looking for a good quality, natural, dry, soft - powerful kick sound sample for my beatbuddy.

i’m generally playing with a Cajon player. i used “Ben Cajon” and “Cajon by Angelo” kits. Many thanks to them. But i didn’t find the right kick anywhere.

But i want just a natural kick like cajon kick. i don’t want reverb or a kick which is high frequencies.

i need a warm sound kick which is not cutting my vocals and guitar frequencies.
For example like a stompbox.

Many thanks for people who will help me.

I am looking fo the same sort of thing, I guess no one has any suggestions. The bb is great but toomuch for my needs… I have downloaded the cajon sets and world percussion and most of the sounds are still too much. I need a simple stomp sound and rythmn

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Im looking for the same like yours… D:

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I emailed groove monkee a while back…they actually got back to me and asked if i could record the sounds im looking for and they could duplicate them. They know there are some of us who want simple, no reverb pecussion sounds…kick, tamborine…etc…email them and see what they say…I havent had time to get back to them, but will shorlty.

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The Vintage Ludwig kit has a dry, punchy kick sound, have you tried that?

I made this kick myself. It sound like a wood stompbox. ;):slight_smile:

I made this kick. It sound like a wood stompbox ;):slight_smile:

I"m looking for this too - has anyone come up with a simple tight kick drum beat? just thump thump thump… Thanks!

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Check out the Drum&Bass drumset demo in the premium content library—maybe it’s what you’re looking for. The drumset is $6 only.