Dual Footswitch - random functions.


Hey team - recently did the November 18th firmware update and all has been well. Fired up Beat Buddy today and now have strange functionality on footswitch.

The accent usually does not work (left switch) but does sometimes pause - which should be on the right switch (used to be the pause) but will do nothing at all 9 times out of 10.

Anyone having or had similar issues? I’m guessing just a bit of bad luck and do the firmware again? Thoughts?


Check the connection cord between BB and footswitch. Try replacing it with any other stereo audio cable.


Hey thanks for that - just been reading the thread between you and others discussing the cable; just heading for the multimeter now to test. The terminations inside the connector are very nearly stacked upon each other when the cover is screwed on. i suspect this is where mine has hit the wall rather than a break in the cable.

Will report back soon!


Yep - seems like mine was the proximity of the connections inside the plug particularly at one end. There is room there to slip a little tape in between without getting involved in any re-soldering work. The cable itself seems OK and looks like it should last no problem.

If anyone has any trouble with their switch take a look at the isolation of the tip and ring connections at each end. If they look real close, insulate them. It does appear the solder joints could be the cause in that they are quite generously soldered making them susceptible to being pushed into each other when the cover sleeve of the connector is screwed on. Also the shrink wrap used here draws them ever closer to touching.

Re-solder as low profile as you can or try a different stereo jack cable.