Dumb question: how save song in aeros

New to looping and Aeros. How exactly do you save a song and use it later. I hit save, name it ok. But when I choose it it take me straight to “record” - eithe it didn’t save my loops or I can’t figure out out to play them.

You need to tap the SD card or Memory Icon to save
TAKE CARE ABOUT, If you erase a saved song it’s erased and no more saved
You need to select a NEW SONG after saved one

If you stored it on the SD Card you can try to unerase it.

Remove it from the Aeros when there is no disk activity (turn the Aeros off?) and then google “unerase sdcard” and use a reputable program. It’s an old PC trick. Deleted files re usually just hidden until another file needs to use the space