Dumbest question yet: how do I turn OFF my BeatBuddy?

I just got my BeatBuddy and footswitch last night and this morning I’m trying it out through my bass amp. So far it sounds great! But I don’t see an “off” switch anywhere. Am I just supposed to pause the BB and unplug it?

There is no power on/off switch on the BeatBuddy. When the BeatBuddy isn’t playing, the input sound simply comes through. If you want to completely power BB off, you just unplug the power adapter.

Other than what you probably already read on p. 5, the BB user’s manual doesn’t explain the power up/down process. The BeatBuddy–like several guitar effects pedals–does not have an on-off switch however, it’s safe to disconnect from or turn off row power when you’re using it as a pedal.

If you have the BeatBuddy SD card plugged into a Mac and you are using the BB Manager, just make sure you properly eject the SD card.

Thanks! I assumed that was the case…just figured I’d ask. The dumbest questions are the ones you DON’T ask…

Thanks for the tip. So far, I’m a PC guy so the Mac thing won’t apply to me…but I swear, if I have ONE more PC crash on me out of the blue…

As others have pointed out, effects pedals in general don’t have on/off switches. But you need to put a switch somewhere right? :smiley: .I use the power strip on/off switch which is a miserable switch really, and I try to avoid power stips anyway, so I’ve resorted to buying separate power cord on/off switches off Amazon.

Please tell there’s another way i’m missing? :smiley:

thank you.

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I switch mine off at the wall outlet when I have finished using it.

Not a dumb question at all really as any decent owner’s manual should mention the basics, such as how to turn a unit on & off. But the BB manual doesn’t for some reason.

All the above are good points. I suppose any good manual should, as Klink points out, mention the basics on the first few pages. But one thing that occurs to me is that the BeatBuddy is a nearly brand-new product on the market, created by a team of talented guys. So maybe somewhere down the line a few little “obvious” oversights will be corrected. Can you imagine some years from now, seeing a “vintage 1st generation BeatBuddy” on eBay, going for top dollars? In any case, the way I’ve got my BeatBuddy wired up now is that the power supply wall-wart is plugged into a simple power strip. So I just turn off the power strip when I’m done for the day!

To make things even more elaborate, in my music room I have 5 switches on the wall by the door. The 1st switch turns on the fan/light, the 2nd turns on the overhead ceiling fan, the 3rd turns on 2 overhead Spotlights above my Pedalboard, the 4th switch turns on my effects & Pedalboard, and the 5th turns on just the amps. Now when I am done and leave the room, I simply reverse the order so that there is no “Pop” in the amps, the Pedals get turned off, then the fan & lights and of course, the door gets locked behind me. No “Biggie” except the ceiling fan gets turned off during the session to prevent the “Circular Magnets” from having an effect on the sound (another must do). Most of the time though a person turns off the amps first (always) and then the effects either by switch, strip or just pull the power cord out of the back of the unit as stated before. Sorry, I like to talk, but this is for real the way I do mine. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.
P.S. After all, I’ve been at this for 60+ years & it’s fun to joke about it.

Beat buddy Pedal Icon is gone>>>>Another dumb question… I had a BB song (SNG file) on my desktop and instead of importing it I tried to open it on the desktop to see what was in the file. I used “open with” internet explorer, (Windows 10). Didn’t work. Now all of my icons for songs show the internet explorer icon and not the cool BB pedal icon. Everything still works the same but I miss the recognizable icon. I tried to open it with BBmanager but don’t see how to do that. Any ideas?

This has nothing to do with this thread and is unlikely to be seen my many and this is more a Windows support question. Could you repost this in the support forum or create a new thread and I can move it.

I use TC Helicon’s Harmony M, and Harmony G -XT, and like the BB, they have no on/off switch. They just power on when I crank up my pedalboard. In their defense, like the BB, there is not much empty space on the input panel of either one.

I noticed that there is a “sleep mode” in the new firmware update. Might be useful to “sleep” the screen during band breaks, etc.