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I would absolutely love something similar to how Ableton Live works in scene mode how you can duplicate whatever clips are playing into a new scene. The lock tracks function is appreciated however there are too may workflow limitations and weird rules with this current setup. For example the fact that we can’t unlock tracks once they have been locked is crazy and we can’t only lock track 2-6. More importantly whatever edits we make to a locked track, they apply to all parts. If it worked like a duplicate of the whole part we could edit the second version and quickly go back to the other version seamlessly. Even if it worked like "duplicate selected part to new part, then we could mute or delete certain tracks then when we went to the other part it would play the unmuted version. Much easier to build a song, it takes some right brained moments to build the song then we could slip back into left brained rocking out by simply scrolling through the parts. The more we “don’t think” the better we play. My voicelive touch has this loop duplicate function and in my opinion is a game changer when it comes to on the fly looping. The korg KP3 had this kind of, it was more so a “bounce all playing loops to one loop” but very handy


I would love to have the ability to incorporate a “locked” track later. For instance begin with an acoustic guitar part (alone) and then add a percussive beat that could be locked to others parts of the song as it builds (percussion part only - not acoustic guitar).

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This could be a general copy type command or perhaps something even smarter where an actual copy is not made … just a link to the original (and if it changed, it woukd change everywhere).

Would need to make sure the rules for track length are no violated (e.g., multiples of track lengths).

I would much prefer a copy so that additions could be made or taken away and not effect the original

yes it totally messes with your workflow when you can’t lock and unlock certain tracks

We are looking into how we could unlock tracks by writing the locked audio into the track for the current part, no promises yet but this could work.

I’d argue makes more sense that if a track is unlocked, it should be undone as well, since you likely want to re-record it.

Does that make sense?

Its a bit confusing, I think I know what your talking about. So if a track was locked when we went to a new part it would write it to the new part? that’s pretty much exactly what I meant by saying copy and paste I think. That does sound like it would work. We need the ability to lock tracks out of order, quite often I only want to lock the drum track but if I start with guitar then track 2 is bass and track 3 is drums I can’t only lock the drums in this song structure.

That is a different thing completely haha, we cannot support this behavior but may one day. You will have to get used to locking tracks sequentially for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for the feedback

Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO grateful for locked tracks (they didn’t exist when I first purchased the Aeros) but the ability to begin with a guitar (or whatever) part, then add a percussion part which would lock to all other parts would be awesome. It would bring a huge diversity to my set.


Yeah, I’m with you. Locked tracks are both really cool, and somewhat frustrating at the same time. It’s one of the main reason why I use a second Looper just for drums and I sync both loopers via a separate master clock. I have used locked tracks though as well at times, and I’m glad they are there, but their benefit is not as great as it first seemed. It would be awesome if they could be more flexible, but I understand the challenge of that.

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yep for sure, having this feature added was one of the reasons I bought this as I had asked a similar question on a YouTube video ages ago and they said they were working on locking the tracks which I thought would work but when I got the looper just a week ago I was excited to play with the locked tracks, unfortunately its a bit more of a pain than anticipated with the crazy board game rules of how it works.

do you mind explaining what you meant again so we are on the same page?

Well, with our proposal you could do this by locking the first track (guitar), then the second (drums) and once you change parts, the first track would be unlockable.

We could consider how we could make it unlock across all parts so that then track 1 is always undone once you switch to any part. Allowing for something along the lines of what you want. If you want to discuss this further I suggest you find a related or new thread to do so, it appears we are now completely off topic much of that is my fault too!

to Answer original post:

We likely will not be adding the ability to duplicate parts soon, but may do this in the future.

Hopefully if we can implement some more logic for unlocking it can create some better uses in people’s workflows and possibly present some solutions to what you want to achieve. I would also not hold your breath on Aeros duplicating something quickly while under stress of playback/recording. I cannot speak for devs if this can be done quickly or even if while playing back.

Thank you all for the feedback and sorry for getting off track

Thanks, duplicate parts would be a game changer but I would settle for the ability to unlock tracks after changing parts. Really need to ability to lock tracks out of order too

Keep in mind that I’m a new user, (so maybe this issue is solved, and I just don’t know enough about the system yet to realize it) but it seems to me that the if the “Lock Track” feature was song part selectable that many of the issues would be solved.

Basically, what I’m saying is that when you lock a track, you are then given the option of selecting the song parts you want the “locked track” to show up in.

For example:
In 6x6 mode - you might want to lock track #1 in song parts 1,3,4 and not have it playing in 2,5,6.

Assuming (in 6x6 mode) you could do this with 5 of the 6 tracks spanning across the six song parts, you would have a considerable amount of flexibility.

Depending on how the programming is implemented (and using the example above), you might be forced to “lose” track #1 (by lose I mean - not be able to record to it) in tracks 2,5,6 (as this solution - from a programming limitation standpoint) might involve simply “Muting” that track on 2,5,6 and not necessarily have them be independent of one another.

Perhaps the best solution though is to have a copy track feature, that allows the user to copy the track to whatever song part they want - then they could modify it any way they desired without any effect on the other portions of the song as this type of modification would allow all standard functionality to be applied to the track once it was copied.

Hey there,

This is not how Lock Tracks are meant to work, in essence the track will be locked and present in all parts, not only in a select few. We currently do not allow “holes” (empty tracks/parts) between or before tracks/parts that are recorded to.

This is part of how the Aeros was designed and it will not be easy to change it, though we may explore that soon. If we can start allowing “holes”, we may be able to allow unlocking a track

We may also still do this duplication of parts request,

Thanks for the feedback!