duplicating a part to move. (I give)

I’ve really been reading and experimenting but I’m out of time and patience. I’m trying to rearrange a finished song to create another song and I mostly have it. All I’m trying to do is copy a transition part from part 1 to part 2. the exact same fill. I’ve tried dragging, exporting and reimporting and no luck. Please help. Thanks

Exporting a MIDI file and then adding it to the Transition part should work. Is there an error message that comes up when you do it? Maybe you can give a step by step on how you did the export and re import.

Certainly! I right click on the tradition fill I’m exporting, (it gives me the choice to do midi or all files. I’ve tried both but I’ll say midi for now). I save it to my desktop, import it to part 2. It looks the same on the outside but it doesn’t play. When I open it and look inside the fill, its black and there are no midi notes on the imported fill. Hope that makes sense. Thanks

Exporting and then adding the midi should work. Hopefully you meant clicking on Part 2 and then adding (vs importing) it. To add the midi, click on the empty Transition Fill (TF) and browse to where you exported the Part 1 midi file, select it and press open.

The easier way: try right-clicking on the TF you need and at the pop-up menu, select Copy; highlight the TF location you want it in and right-click and then select paste.

If you’re still having problems, let us know; tell us which version of the BBM you’re using and whether it’s for Mac or PC. It copies but it does’t let me paste. I was hoping it was that easy in the beginning. I’m on a mac. Thanks

Check your inbox for a PM. beta does not have the paste feature for Transition Fills but 1.6.6c does.

I’m on it! Thanks! You are good folk!

Its doing the exact same thing. Weird. That makes me think I’m going something wrong.

Uh oh. I am mistaken. I just tried and now I don’t get a menu for pasting.

Back to the harder version which is to export the source TF to midi to your desktop.
Click on the target TF location and Add From Midi File.

Sorry for misleading you.

I’ve tested two other ways to copy and paste a transition fill on the Mac:

  1. Use the Mac’s Command C and Command V
  • Hover over the source and when the frame around the Transition Fill turns blue, press Command C.
  • Go to your target location and it will turn solid green, press Command V and your source transition fill should get pasted to the new location.
  1. Use Option drag to drag and drop (copy and paste).
  • While holding the Option key, click on the source (it will turn solid blue) and drag the source to the target; once the source is over the target, it will turn solid green. Let go of the keys.
  • Note: if you don’t use the Option key, you can move a fill from one location to another.

You can also use either of the above techniques to copy or move Accent Hits.

ahhhhhhhh!!! This worked!! You are my hero! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Whew. Glad that worked :slight_smile:

So how did you come up with the name “persist”? :wink:

Just keeping at it until it worked . . . .

You do a great job of helping.