Duplicating drum tracks in cover songs

Hi folks. I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to duplicate drum tracks for cover songs so I can play them OP-style on my BB. I’ve tried a few things but could really use some guidance as I’m not a drummer and am struggling a bit.

I’ll first try to find the MIDI or Guitar Pro drum files on the Internet. When they don’t exist, I’m stuck as I need a drum track that closely resembles the drums in the cover complete with shots at the right time, etc. My attempts so far include finding a BB song that is close to the main chorus and verse beats in the song - e.g. Rock4 or whatever. I export these to MIDI and bring them into Ableton Live as MIDI clips. I also import the cover song audio and place it on the timeline at the correct BPM so I have an audio guide. I got stuck trying to align the one-beat in the cover song audio to the timeline measure. Ableton creates transient warp markers for beats in the song but I don’t know how to shift the audio so the one-beat transients line up to the measures. Then I try to drop BB beats onto the timeline to match-up with sections of the song that have straight drumming. This kinda works but like I said before, the audio is off on the one-beat, so it sounds like crap. The next step is to try and duplicate the hits and shots with MIDI. I’m horrible at this - clicking in the MIDI grid as I loop sections of the song. I think I need to interactively press keyboard keys that match various drums and symbols while the song is playing but haven’t figured out how to do this yet.

I would sure appreciate some help with this process. Or maybe there’s a better way? I could also use Reaper if required but Ableton seems to have all the right MIDI tools. I’ve read a few posts from folks recommending EZ Drummer2 but I know nothing about it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am attempting something similar in studio one. It seems matching the bpm is an issue. Detected transients help (I even processed the audio to emphasize drums) but sounds other than drums make this difficult. I also have ez drummer 2, wHitch had turned out to be not so “ez”. My best bet so far is working in “chunks” that represent groove loops and fills in the BB.

In Ableton Live, what I usually do is after warping the entire audio song, I move the warp makers of the sections of the song (intro, verse 1, verse 2, chorus, etc) and not per beat which is very tedious and also it loses the feel or groove of the song. Once I have the song warped as I want it, I import the MIDI from BB and line them up with the warped song, again doing it by song section. Sometimes I will try the Ableton’s ‘Audio to MIDI’ to create the MIDI clip and then match it up with the imported MIDI from BB. Hope this helps!