Dwight Yokam “Fast as You”

Here’s a DOP one I did awhile back

hi downloaded this great dwight number but no loop and no sound ,is it me

That’s odd. Not sure what the issue is. I’ll attach the midi file here. You can convert it through beatbuilder and see if that takes.

*The song intro does have a few bars of hi hat clicks (for the intro guitar lick). before the drums kick in. About 20 clicks

I’ll post an OPB version today.

Done: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/fast-as-you-opbk.3209/

Thanks man been wanting to jam this one for awhile!

hi there ,it went into a drum fill and main loop was empty i,deleted null and dragged fill into main loop now plays perfect …i,m now understanding that songs on bb forum are completed and u cant do fills and stuff great song cheers

Yeah, most songs you download on the forum will be one file in the “Intro fill” or “Outro Fill” and play the whole song on the press of a button. I tend to put one press songs in the Outro fill. Easier to use with the footswitch I find. Either way works. Great job as always on that one Persist!