I just got my beatbuddy, and Im very happy, the one thing im thinking of is dynamics, when singing I would like to lower the volume of the beatbuddy, Im wondering is a peddle would work, any ideas? has anyone else ran into this issue?

What I will probably do if I need to, is use the BB stand-alone and put a volume pedal after it. The thing you’d want to avoid is big jumps in volume.

Another thing you could do is go through and drop the velocity of the drum hits in the midi files specifically intended for the verses, and maybe even the choruses.

A good human drummer would naturally play dynamically dipping the intensity when the singer is singing, at least for some genres. So, you might be able to mimic that.

I would agree that a volume pedal after the output would work. Best would be a volume pedal that lets you adjust the range. Maybe 80-90% volume at the heel and 100% at the toe position.

THANKS …im going to check out some volume pedals…ill see if I can get one with a volume control…One other question…is it possible to start the drums without the flashy intro? there are a lot of songs that I play that don’t need an intro “Collide” would be a good example…what I have been doing is hitting the drum on and quickly hitting pause waiting a few seconds and than playing my song and just hitting the pause button when I want the drum to come in on the beats with no intro…hope that didn’t sound confusing, but I know you guys know what I talking about.
Thanks for all Your Help
PS Ill be using my BB for the first time the night before Thanksgiving as a solo act, gotta admit, between the BB, Voice Harm, Loop Box…I sound like a band …almost

I ended up getting a volume control pedal…works great …just make sure that you pedal has volume button on it to adjust the volume of the pedal otherwise it will drop out too much

You can also just delete out the intros but you need to have the BB Manager software to do that. You can save them to a file for later bringing them back but all is possible. I am more a lead guitar player and use a looper a lot so I don’t need the intro and I just remove them with the BB Manager. Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.