Earliest BeatBuddy giving MIDI problems

I have one of the first pedals made. serial Number BB0008695 bought in 2008-9 (Not Sure). For the first time I am trying to incorporate the MIDI functions. After trying different cables and computers I have come to the conclusion that the hardware must be faulty. Myself and a friend compared our pedals and all functions worked on all platforms and the same MIDI settings with his pedal but not mine. So we did all the tests and comparisons possible and eliminated all possible sources of error to get to this conclusion. All I can think is that the MIDI plug on my pedal is not 100% or there is a hardware fault. I have decided to buy a new pedal anyway, and was wondering if there is any point in me returning to old one for some tests OR are there some diagnostics that can be remotely tested by connecting the pedal to my computer or that I can do myself.
Thanks for any advice.

I live in New Zealand :slight_smile:

You might have already tried these steps.

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your pedal.
Make sure the MIDI settings on your pedal match your buddy’s.
Test your MIDI Sync adaptor and MIDI patch cables on your buddy’s pedal.

If this still does not work, send an e-mail to Support and ask if anything can be done.

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I would send an email to support, like persist wrote, I had blown my BB by inserting the wrong powersupply and they gave me a huge discount on a new one. But maybe they have a solution.

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What is the email address please


Thanks for your help. We have done everthing to check. ALLsettings were the same, latest firmware etc… the last test we did was to simply disconnect his working pedal and replace it with mine. Still no response. Needless to say my pedal caused the a flash on the interface (Roland) but the beatbuddy did not pick up on it.

Can you please give me the email ror the support.


Contact details are on the website

support@singularsound . com

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