Earthquaker Devices

I know we give lots of kudos on here to Singular’s Support, and well we should. They are awesome. And, in that vein, I want to recognize another extraordinary company, Earthquaker Devices.

I bought an Earthquaker pedal off eBay a few months back. It’s the Monarch, an amp sim, that emulates an Orange head. Anyhow, while putting that massive pedalboard together, I had thought of using it. I had used it when it first arrived, and it was fine, but for some silly reason, now it no longer worked. I did the usual troubleshooting, different power supply, different cable, etc., but no go. So, I looked to see what the repair was going to cost me. To my shock, their policy is to repair their pedals as long as they are in business. No charge, unless you killed the board with an overpowered power supply or a wrong polarity. And, it’s not limited to the original owner! I shipped it off last Monday, Oct. 30. It was returned to me today, Nov. 9, in perfect working order, and with no charge. It actually sounds better than when I got it. Turns out it had a bad transistor. So my hat is off to them, and if you are thinking of getting any effects pedals, keep them in mind. That is a warranty that cannot be beat and service that is well beyond the norm!