Ease of use

I am considering buying a Beat Buddy and was curious about how easy/hard it is to use in a live band situation. It would seem to be a real pain to bend over every song and scroll through menu’s. I would probably not try to create songs but am still curious about that is done.
Covid has cut down the dollars clubs can pay so I was considering replacing our drummer with the Beat Buddy on some jobs.

Using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), you arrange a setlist with the songs in the sequence you intend to play. With the optional remote foot switch, you can set the settings to scroll through and select folders and songs.

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Can you name the songs?


Thanks sir!

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Good out of the box. I also use BB Manager to create custom “drums”.

Thanks. Just placed my order today.

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Hey! Welcome to the forum, you can find a lot of tutorials on BB manager and BB here by searching, you will likely find your answer somewhere here! Feel free to write to support@singualrsound.com to help you with anything at any step of the way!

Keep Rockin :sunglasses:!