Easy (Faith No More / Commodores). Live with the Beat Buddy!

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Hey that sounds real good. Looks like a cool gig.

Post the beat in resources for Easy.

Cheers man. It was :slight_smile:

It’s already in your beatbuddy.
Brushes 3 - Half time shuffle.

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With Bass?

Thanks Diego, I really enjoy your video’s. Great singing, great guitar chops, great tone. I don’t know how you keep all that up while still tap dancing on your pedal board. You got a lot going on. Beatbuddy, Looper, Harmony, Guitar pedals? Missing anything? I would have no chance keeping up.

If I can offer an opinion and don’t take this as criticism, I would like to see you simplify all the work you are doing with pressing pedals as I think it’s a little distracting when you get to parts of the song when it’s all happening at once. It’s a credit to you that if I am not watching the clip I wouldn’t know you were doing all that stuff in the background.

Cheers for the Clip.

Nope, not with Bass.
I use the default Brushes 3 beat.

Hi Guitar Stu, Cheers.
Thank you for comment. Sometimes I too would like to simplify the pedal pressing, especially on a couple of songs hahaha.
My most complicated tap dancing song to play at the moment is Still Got he Blues. People that often come to see me used to say that the expression on my face changes depending or when I get to different parts of that song. But after playing it a few times I’ve gotten better (at least for the expression on my face hahaha). I know with time and practice I will make it more seamless
Thanks again for watching.

Kind Regards
Diego Hariswara

As always. awesome. I love your stuff.

Great job Diego. I think for your venue of background music, people will not notice many distractions. I struggle with too much foot work on my BB/looper set up. It is alot of work to be a one man band. I would prefer to be in a 2 -4 piece band. However, for musicians that have busy families with little time to “get the band together” the BB is awesome. One presses are great but sometimes then I feel guilty if it is a one press- like I am a karoke guy. I do not know what the right answer is for this type of entertainment. I still think as a listener at a restaurant or bar I prefer a simple acoustic guitar player who has a good voice with a solid strum (or a full band) as compared to BB- but I have so much fun soloing with BB that I keep going back to BB when I play out. People do not seem to mind it so I roll with it.