Easy way to add to the bar count

Hi BB friends. I have a question that I hope is an easy answer.

I want to increase the number of bars of one of my drum loops for 2 to 6.

Is there an easy way in BB Manager editor to copy and past one of patterns or a bar?

Or, do I have to go in and “fill every dot”

Thanks for the responses and help.

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Hi Rek. One of my biggest gripes is that the BBM does not have the most basic functions such as copy and paste which have been around for 30+ years. Unfortunately if you want to extend a song part you need to manually add them in if using the BBM MIDI editor. Otherwise using Cubase or Logic Pro etc you can do it that way and export the MIDI.

Thanks dude. That’s kinda what I thought :slight_smile:

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Yes. Kinda puts you off enhancing stuff your own way. Which is a big shame. But I do … but I have the time to do it at the moment.

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Thanks for the input.

So you all will think I am wasting your time here with my dumb question. Please humor me.

How difficult is it in Cubase or Logic to do something simple like copy and past out some bars? Assuming I have enough technical know how to get me dangerous within BB and even be asking these questions haha.

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Uh, it’s like copying and pasting something in Word or Excel.

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Hey Rek, as Phil said it’s just like copying and pasting with Word etc. You can compile your song parts in any DAW and export the song parts in MIDI to load straight into the Manager. It is the ONLY way if you want to take for example a 4 bar song part and make it 8 bars with the same beat. Of course you can have the 4 bar part repeat but if you want to make them different it’s either manually extend the song part to 8 bars and recreate it all or load the same 4 bar part in for the next section of the song, make your modifications but then you’ll have to transition between them.

Like Terry Martin I have time to work on my songs and I make many little tweaks to make them as ‘human’ sounding as possible. If we actually had full functioning, completed software it would be a dream to program…but…

Also, being able to add bars to the FRONT of a song part you are working on in the MIDI editor, not just add them to the end.

I think one day I’ll make some videos of me working in the BB Manager just to show developers what it does and how fucken frustrating it is because they won’t get it developed! excuse my language

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Thanks for the response, Neil.

Is there one program you can recommend over the other for simple copy and past like this?

I’ve only ever used Cubase with it so I guess I’d recommend that. Otherwise I create them myself in the BB Manager. :crazy_face: