Edge of Seventeen

Has anyone created a beat for this song? If so, please let me know!!

As requested http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/edge-of-seventeen-opb.949/

I was going to work on that one. But with the guitar only starting, figured it might be tough leading into it.

Thank you persist! I’ll download and check it out this week. Been wanting to do this one for awhile but could never find the time.
Has anyone done a more exact version of “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett?
I know awhile back someone uploaded one, but there was some off spots in it that didn’t fit right. The time changes or off beats (whatever the correct technical term) has made that difficult for me to create as well (in a couple of spots). Wondering if one of the pros have done it yet?

Only version of I Love Rock and Roll I recall is the one Phil posted a while back.

Hey! Since your version of Edge of Seventeen didn’t come with any instructions, is there any count in measures included (and if so how many heats until the guitar starts?) or does the guitar just start playing when the track starts? I’ve tried it a couple of ways (except what I just suggested) and it seems like I’m missing something. Thanks so much!

4 hits of closed hi-hat count-in
Measures 2-14, muted guitar picking
Vocal starts right after 14th measure