Edit drumkits

for each drumkit i use i edit all the wavefiles to drums on left channel and bass on right channel.
All this i do with audacity. But now i do not want to spend so much time and looking for a software where i can do this by automation.

The software has to do the following steps:

  • open the wave file
  • edit the stereo file to mono
  • panning the loudnes to left/right
  • save the wafe file to the original file (overwrite)
  • go to the next wave file

The software also must work recursively

Does anybody know a software to realize this?


Sound Forge. Use the batch convertor function.

Thank you,
are you shure all other features are supported too?
Audacity support batch converting also but there is no function to make a wavefile to mono
and also no function for recursively working?


Yes SoundForge does it all!

Thank you for your help


No problem, glad to help.