Edit Maestro default mode

I just received my Midi Maestro for use with my beat buddy. The only thing that’s missing for me is the ability to pause/unpause the drum song. I know there’s a midi parameter for that function, but i really like the default layout. I want to change functionality of one switch on one page to my desired function of the default BB config - likely would use the Part5 switch to do this as i have yet to see a five part song.

Is there a way to edit functionality of a BeatBuddy default mode switch? Would also be fine if i could load the entire Default mode into a custom config and edit that way (then just use the custom mode) but can’t find a way to do either at this point.

You cannot change the default modes
And you cannot copy/paste
The best way is to start a custom and reproduce the default mode with your change !
But you can use a simple two button footswitch (trs) to do this connected to your beatbuddy
You have the possibilities to set functions on each switch . Beatbuddy settings>footswitch

You should create a template based on the Aeros or default modes and edit to your liking

Check out this video