Edited Drum Set Importing

The Drum Maker Software Manual 1 clearly explains how to start from scratch and create/save/import a new drum set. But is it possible to start with an existing BB-provided drum set, edit it, then Save As under a new name–while at the same time preserving the original in its original form? I have attempted this (ver. 1.65), but when I select the newly-named drumset (using Import-Drumset) it does not import. (Note that I have successfully edited/saved existing drumsets with no problem, as well as downloaded and imported multiple premium content sets with no problem.) Am I missing a step?

Any messages that come up after attempting to import?

This may be a known issue that other users have reported having problems with. I also experienced the same thing when using 1.6.5. In my case, I suspect it was probably due to the BBM not importing an exact duplicate of an existing set. Although there may be other solutions, a temporary BBM workaround could be to Save As . . . the existing set with the same name (so you have a master copy) and deleting it from the BBM. Then try to import the Saved As . . . drum set and make edits and save them. You should be able to then import the master if you need or want it.

A very important step that is easy to overlook, is that as well as doing a SAVE AS and giving the set a new name, you need to change the name in the kit.

Click on the name in the Drumset editor here:


Then this window appears:


Change the name there to the name you are using for the SAVE AS. If you do not do this, the new kit never gets imported.

Thanks for your quick replies!

I think I figured this out: I was editing a Latin drumset. When I edit any other drumset, then Save As and import it, everything works just fine. It looks like Latin drumsets are not able to be edited using the same process as the others. This might be a good thing to add in a later version–or at least a notation in the manual that Latin drumset edits are not edit-able.

You can edit a Latin kit just like any other kit. The Latin kit is already at 98%, so adding to it without deleting something is not likely going to be possible, but, I assure you, the kit can be edited:


Thanks, Phil. I’ll keep trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and post when I discover it!