Edited track outside Aeros plays 1/2 speed

Hi, I wanted to modify an Aeros track in a wav editor on my Mac, once done, I saved it with the same name back to the Aeros SD card, I didn’t modify the tempo but once played in the Aeros, it plays at half original speed.
Am I doing something wrong?

You cannot editing the wav files cause you have a meta files (data) assigned with the tracks
If you change whatever in the wav file, the meta data stay the same as original and causing wrong issue
Maybe I’m wrong , but I think Brennan Can explain this better than me

You can edit the file if:

  • you don’t change the length
  • you don’t change the format/sample rate/etc.
  • you don’t modify the first or last few seconds of the file (there’s and added “seam”).

At some point the Aeros will support import/export. Somewhat of a shame that unlike pretty much every other looper, the sd files aren’t directly editable.

Thanks for the trick. Btw, the reason why I wanted to edit the file was because when I record let say a drum track played by my DAW, , the Aeros is midi slave, I record 4 full mesures, I stop the record and the loop plays perfectly but once I play back the loop later, a part at the end is missing and I have a gap. I don’t know why but it happens many times. Any clue?

That’s the “seam” the Aeros adds.

Aeros adds a set of frames (I think it’s 360, but you can find the exact details by searching the forum) that allows the seam to play without an abrupt pop.

For some reason Aeros adds that to the end of he saved file (instead of creating a small seam file or calculating this on the fly).

You could recreate this seam in your DAW by cross fading the start/end of the loop and replacing those added samples.

Th Aeros file looks like this:
[Start of loop][Middle of Loop][End of Loop][Seam]