Editing a song


I love the Rock 1 on Beatbuddy but is there anyway to change that hi hat beat to a closed sound instead of the open one that it has now?

Thanks for any help that comes my way!!

Yeah I hate the open hihat sounds on the Rock songs too, you can edit the midi in any midi editor.
The easiest way though is to use the Beatbuilder Java app.
[]First in the manager software create a copy of the song unless you want to permanently alter the original (File > Export > Song, then File > Import > Song)
]In the Manager Software right click on the part and choose Export Midi, and remember where you saved it.
[]Start Beatbuilder go to File > Open, find the midi file and select ‘Open’
]Right click on ‘Hi-Hat Open’ and select ‘Transpose Notes’, in the drop down choose ‘Hi-Hat Closed’ and then click ‘Ok’
[]Go to File > Save As… and save it as a different name.
]In the manager software go to your Rock1 song (either original or backup)
[]Click on the part you want to change, find the altered midi file and click ok.
]Save song - and you should hear Rock1 without the open hihat.
[*]Sync or export project to SD card and you should hear the same on the BB. :slight_smile:

Hello Psalm40 and thanks for your help! After struggling with it for awhile I finally got the closed hi hat sound but, on the first measure the hi hat sounds like two are playing (a little out of sync) on the beginning beat. Any suggestions for this? dbass54 is asking one last time…

This sounds familiar. Using the BB Manager on some songs and editing them with the Beat Builder, I’ve noticed that once in a while, on a particular song there is like an echo trace. At first it’s not too noticeable but if you let it play for a while the phrases get further apart and the echo trace is quite noticeable. I noticed that it seems to be on a song if you change the fill to be “Out of Time” on purpose, it has an effect on the internal clock and it starts to drift out of sync. I tried backing out of the Manager and coming back in, and it seems to work OK again, then it starts to drift off. I’ve also noticed that if the notes at the end of a fill are slightly off, It causes a skip in the beat when the “Main” comes back in. There is sometimes a “Double Beat” but I found out how to correct that. If the fill has like an ending to the riff and it causes the double beat, you can correct this by lowering the volume of the “Bass Drum Beat” to about half it’s normal setting, and the double beat will stop and the beat becomes more articulate. If there is like a “Quacking Sound” within the notes, remove the “Hi-Hat Pedal” track if there is one and the quacking notes will stop. I have noticed that if there are effects on the same location of the notes, it will change the sound of both of them, sometimes to an undesireable note. Seems like the timing, volume, location, of the notes all interact with each other and sometimes not in a good way.
Right now I am more concerned about the tracks drifting out of Sync. Don’t know what’s causing it so I can’t fix it. If anyone else have had these same little quirks going on, lets all pull together and let support know so maybe they can do something about. This will help to make a better product for all of us. I really like the Beat Buddy and what it does and the ability to edit it which is very important. We musicians like to “Customize” everything to our own liking which helps make us unique. Thanks for listening.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Hello Fingerstylepicker, and thanks for all that knowledge you gave and hopefully WE will all get ahold of this situation and chalk up another one for all of us who love to play! I’m gonna be working on this till I see an end (i hope…hehe) thanks again and take care!