Editing a songs name after downloaded into the BB Mgr

I would like to “rename” or edit songs of the forum song names that I have downloaded. Ok, so call me anal but some names are misspelled and I’m concerned if I edit the name (I know how do it no problem) that I will screw something up in the back-end i.e. syncing, file location etc.

Will editing the name when on my BB Mgr have any impact on the file in any way?

No, as long as it doesn’t duplicate an existing song name. Just make sure you save your project regularly.

But don’t get too anal and use special characters in renaming songs. If you use special characters, it will corrupt your project and you will lose the project content.

Haha, no I’m now beyond cautious and a wee bit wiser! Thx

I’ve renamed the songs as well. It bothers me too when the song is spelled incorrectly.

I also rename the standard beats and copy them to a different folde when I use them for a specific beat.

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