Editing Beatbuddy beats in midi editor Anvil Studio

Hell I am new to this forum but am very impressed with the Beatbuddys cababilities. I am not sure I am able to do this but I was trying to edit one of the beatbuddy beats in a midi editor called Anvil Studio. I was able to edit the regular drums but then when I added a new instrument in Anvil Studio and saved the file and imported it back to the beatbuddy it did not recognize the new instrument but it played the beat perfect with all the editing to the midi file. Am I doing something wrong that it doesn’t recognize the new instruments I added to the midi file?



I also noticed this happening when I too used the Anvil program to edit some of the midi files. It depends on what instrument you’re trying to add. If it’s anywhere in the upper scale of the instruments such as cymbals or cowbells or some of the bongos or something like that, it will not reproduce these instruments when you import them back to the Beat Buddy or BB Manager. I noticed this happening with other midi editors as well. Most of the time it will reproduce the snare and tom-toms or most of the lower numbers of instruments in the midi files but not a lot of the others in the higher numbers. Don’t know why except it might be a proprietary thing or there might be a confliction with the numbers assigned to the different midi instruments. This also happens when you shift the starting of the notes in the particular measure. It takes the whole phrase away and sometimes stalls the Beat Buddy in it’s tracks especially in the BB Manager. You then have to completely back out of the program and start over. A real pain sometimes. This is one of those times you scratch your head wondering, but it’s not likely you’ll find the answer. It just happens that way and you have to go from there. Sorry not to be any great help here. Unfortunately, if noone else has Anvil, they cannot help you either. You may have to contact Anvil to get the answers. The support team will probably give you the same answer unless one of them has had a similar situation and used Anvil.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Hello Clifford - just a passing point based on very limited experience so far. I wasn’t hearing MIDI files imported directly into the Beat Buddy editor to craft a new song (these are simply files DLd via internet not using a specific program) but when I instead open the file in the Beat Builder>save then insert it I had no issues. Not sure of there is some simple tag that gets set in that process to make it readable by BB?

The Beat Builder was explicitly designed to work with the Beat Buddy and the BB Manager and it does work great but it too does not transfer certain instruments back into the Beat Buddy or the BB Manager like the Cowbell, Tom-Toms, tamborine, and such. It just will not produce those sounds. Just thought I would mention it. I use Beat Builder and Anvil all the time. Another great feature is now in the BB Manager which is the “Quantizer” function. This works great to correct the timing on a lot of the drumbeats that are off in the Beat Buddy. Be careful though. Sometimes quantizing can screw up a decent beat and also cause the timing to be off so use sparingly.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Re: cowbell (specifically) when I couldn’t hear it from a MIDI file I received (the part was there but played with side stick) I cut-and-pasted the part to ‘Cowbell’ conveniently at the top of the Beat Builder list and saved the modified file which plays now as it should in Beat Buddy since kits like Rock 1.1 have cowbell. In the process I stumbled on the observation that it seems (could be wrong) opening and re-saving a file that doesn’t play in BB in Beat Builder first works.