Editing Drums with Percussion beats

Hey all in Beatbuddy land, I am having problems editing the drums with percussion beats (the ones for the standard pro kit)… I have been using the beatbuilder editor for other kits but this does not show the ‘percussion instruments’ (bongos etc)… I just want to add some fairly simple percussion for a Stones/Primal Scream/Happy Mondays type vibe… any thoughts on an editor that I can do this with? the one on BB manager I find a bit of a nightmare… Cheers Ladz’n’Lassies

Im on PC and use reaper for most of my midi stuff. It’s not free but fairly inexpensive ($60) plus there’s a long trial period (40 -60 days I believe). But with reaper or any other DAW you would have to export the midi from the BBmanager then edit it in reaper then export that midi then put that midi back in the song in the BBmanager. All quite easy just sounds more complicated than it is .

thanks for the reply man, much appreciated