Editing Main Loops & Fills from Library

When I take Loops & Fills from the Library to build up a new song, is it possible to edit them solely for the new song? I have tried, e.g. to take out some drums for a lighter feel but, even when I reduce them to zero & the screen shows them gone, they still sound when I play the loop/fill.



Yes, you can edit them for a new song. Create a new empty song template by clicking on the ‘+song’ button in the folder you want it in. If you are using the BBManager’s built in MIDI editor, reducing individual MIDI notes’ velocities to 0 should be equivalent to removing the notes. There are however some bugs in the current version of the BBManager’s MIDI editor, so if it’s not working as it should, I would suggest editing the MIDI files in another MIDI editor and reimporting them after they’ve been edited.

Not sure what’s happening but I created a new song by Export/Import as usual & then changed the drum set to World & wanted to further edit the Loop but when I click edit, the drum sounds displayed clearly bear no relation to the actual beat e.g. it shows the Cajon Bass drum only on the 1st beat when it is clearly sounding all the way through & does not show the snare at all but, again, it is clearly heard on playback.

I don’t have another MIDI editor so am quite stuck with this.



Not sure if this isn’t the midi editor bug but try Cancel–do not Apply changes; try to Edit again and see what happens. This may take 3-4 tries.

Not sure what you mean. I’ve gone to Odd Time 3 - 6/8 & right clicked on 1st Main Drum Loop to get Edit.
The playback of the loop clearly has cajon bass & snare but nothing shows up for these drums, just the shaker so, when I have copied the beat for a song I am unable to access the bass/snare drums for editing as they have no value on screen for me to change.

I have attempted to Cancel several times but nothing changes.



Could you take a screen shot of what you’re seeing, please? Which version of the BBM are you using?



  • Hover over the bass or snare and you should see a tool tip displaying the number of notes for that instrument.
  • Scroll to the right until the notes are displayed.
  • An easier way to see the notes is to use the Midi Editor Zoom Out (Splat - key).

Splat key helps me in other things but the problem is that the bass/snare totals so revealed do not bear any resemblance to those actually played. In the screenshot example it gives the notes played as 4 snare, 7 bass but the snare does not show up at all on screen & the bass only once so I can’t edit what isn’t there.

Can you export and reply with the midi section?

I exported the section to a midi file from 1.6.6c beta (don’t have your drum set, though) and this is what your file should look like in a DAW midi editor.

[ATTACH=full]4217[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4217[/ATTACH]

Don’t have a different midi editor so can’t check. I’ve tried duplicating the beats on BeatBuilder & they work fine but it’s an awful lot of work compared to just editing the loop on BBM


Sorry. That was the point of my asking you to export the section to midi so that I could check to see if the notes were present and that they were all editable.

My screen shot of my export to midi was to illustrate how spread out the bass and snare (particularly) actually are. This is one of the disadvantages of the BBM Midi Editor, that you have to zoom out and/or scroll to get to the notes you want to edit. The developers are working to improve the BBM Midi Editor, but it’s going to take some time.

Sorry. My bad. Does this help?


Okay. I checked it out. The notes are there for the bass and snare and they’re editable for all of the sections. They’re just hard to see. Trying to take a screen shot and circle what you should be looking for.

Here are several screen shots to show that the bass and snare notes in Main Section 1 are there. They’re difficult to see in the default Midi Editor display but you should be able to pick them out with a little bit of practice. Just keep in mind that the BBM Midi Editor in it’s present state is not really up to the task of editing midi—light duty, yes. Anything more than that, no. Making matters worse is if you are trying to view the Midi Editor display from a small screen.

The enclosed screen shots are numbered 01-07
01: you can see the faint black lines within the red lines for the bass and the snare; hover over one of them, and there is your note that can be edited.
02: in the snare row (between the Hi-Hat Closed cells 60 and 98 velocities) and between the bass (between the 62 and 60 velocities), you should be able to see the notes.
03: I magnified the note in this screen shot.
04: for the snare right after the 60 velocity, you should be able to barely make out a 2
05: same screen shot where I’ve magnified the note with the 2.
06 and 07: hovering over the note, you should see the tool tip and if you click on it, you’ll pull up the velocity slider.

Hope this helps. If you’re still having trouble, open a Conversation with me.


Wow! No wonder I couldn’t find them… Thanks for the help & patience.