Editing Samples


I’m in the process of making some audio samples to load up into a BB drumkit. Although I have not done this before I am fairly confident that after a few attempts I’ll know what to do to get the sounds I’m looking for.

However, some things are on my mind that I would like to get some advice on.

I am going to set my audio recording guide to 16ths at 100bpm as a guide before I start splicing the samples. Just as a loose guide for measuring length.


  1. Are people splicing at the start of the audio sample or at the peak or inbetween?

May be its a silly question, but if I split at the very start, will that put the sample peak too far behind the beat?

  1. To reverb or not to reverb? Definitely no reverb tail is what I’m guessing. I would like the samples to fit in with the Standard Pro kit.

  2. Does anyone put a slight pre and post fade on each sample?

Kind regards