Editing tracks

Hello to everyone, I have an EHX but I’m considering buying an AEROS for ambient guitar lopping. On the manual i can read that “Tracks can only be locked/unlocked in the first song part…”.That said, is it possible to record and then playback with a similar structure like in the picture?
I guess the only possible way would be using the PC, copying single tracks from one part to another to get repeats without the locking tracks function. Is it possbile?

Many thanks


Have you thought about using 4 tracks in a single part in 6x6 mode … and muting tracks to cover what you are using parts for?

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Yes, I’ve thought about this solution, but I’d be distracted by the need to manage the loops, instead of focusing on the guitar

Do you jump between the “parts” in order? In that case it’s about the same amount of effort to mute/unmute the “next” track as to switch parts … especially if mutes happen at EOL?

Another idea: Setup a midi controller to send multiple mute/umute commands on a single button for each “part”.


I was going to suggest the use of a MIDI controller, as Quad did above.

What the OP is wanting to do is not trivial. It will take a bit of setup, but should work fine for that structure. The problem I can see if the OP changes the structure, then another “grid” will need to be created.

Or the OP gets better at navigating the looper live.

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