Effects Chain


Hey guys, I read that the beat buddy must be put at the end of an effects pedal chain, what I was wondering is, I also run a loop pedal which is also suppose to go at the end of an effects chain. So the question is which one goes last, the loop or the beat buddy?


Both setups work amazingly well.

It actually depends on whether you want BeatBuddy drum sounds to be recorded on the looper or not. Most likely, you won’t, so put looper before BeatBuddy in a signal chain. For recording drums put looper last.


The BB will effectively loop it’s drum pattern all by itself, so there really isn’t a need to loop it. You could record say a chord pattern AND the BB as a single loop, and then play on top of that loop without the BB, but keeping your loops and the BB separate gives you more flexibility… of course, then there is a potential sync problem, unless you have a looper that works well with the BB.


It’s been a second week now that I want to make my next video, but simply have no free time to do so. But I am pretty sure I’ll do it soon.

The thing I want to say is that I actually got pretty good results with employing separate tracks on my Boomerang III to complement BeatBuddy.

I’ve recorded 3 BeatBuddy drum patters to 3 separate looper tracks together with some simple chords, so I got like Verse, Chorus and Bridge tracks of drums with rhythm. I then proceed to employ Active Pause (or Mute Pause) to enable MIDI Synchronization - BeatBuddy is muted, but got it’s sounds already recorded in the looper, and is only responsible to provide MIDI quarter notes for accurate timing.

I hope I will be able to share results soon.


Awesome, thanks guys!