EHX Nano POG does Metal...

What does the Nano POG have to do with the Beat Buddy? For the audio demo I’m using the Beat Buddy to give viewers a “from the mix” point of view.

…and it does have a “Beat Buddy cam”, though towards the end I lose the closing (the problem with doing the video take a week later after recording…), hopefully the Beat Buddy crew can forgive me for that one!

I really loved the sound and tone! Finally, a video with a proper amount of gain! :)))

Thanks for sharing!!

Gain has been a tricky thing for me, too much and the notes lose definition. Too little and my playing sounds thin and flat. What I liked about goosing the Little Big Muff Pi with the Nano POG was how FAT the sound was. Like morbidly obese fat and yet the notes had definition. It was a very happy discovery for me as I tend to like my gain on the “sumo” side of things…

…feel free to post it on your facebook page!

…if only I had one :slight_smile:

By the way, there is no such issue as too much gain - just palm mute strings harder and you will be impressed with the result!

Gonna try that and I meant the Beat Buddy facebook page… (I have no idea how they pick content to post, but my music was posted once! YAYYYY!)

Ah, I see what you meant now :slight_smile:
I’ll see what can be done.

GREAT video!!! Loved the video game component :wink: we’ll post this to facebook in the next day or so!

Thanks and mostly thank you for the Beat Buddy. It has been such a large part of my creative endeavors that sometimes I feel it needs to have a name (like Norm) and get actual credit in my work.
Soooo… I will probably talk your ear off again next time your in central Florida and hopefully buy you breakfast.