Electro Harmonix 45000 MIDI compatability

Hi, does any one know if the EHX 45000 MIDI works well with the Beatbuddy ? I searched through the threads, and couldn’t find anything .

Regards Jaberwock

yes, I use the 45000 and the BB sync from the start of the story of this two one, absolutly no problem !

Anyone knows if it also works with ehx 1440…?

It works perfectly with the EHX 1440

To what degree do you have the BB and the 45000 integrated? I’ve been looking at this unit for a while trying to figure out if I could use it to play pre recorded loops as backing track segments in coordination with the BB but it’s not clear about it’s capabilities in that regard. I would like to simply control the BB such as song change, start, stop, pause, and transition from my MIDI controller and have the BB coordinate those actions with the appropriate loops to play on any given song. I would also want to be able to have the BB coordinate song change PC’s to the looper to have it load the matching pre-recorded loops. Does that sound feasible with the 45000?

Anyone here using the EHX 1440 looper with the Beat Buddy? I’m relatively new to midi but I want to use the Beat Buddy as the master and sync midi clock to the EHX. I have the Beat buddy breakout midi cable already attached correctly… ie Beat buddy midi out to midi in on the 1440. My beat buddy is also controlled from my android tablet via midi in for setlist song selection etc. which works well. I’ve selected the Ext Clock button on the EHX 1440 but my loops are not syncing. I’m assuming I need to make some midi setting selections on the Beat Buddy but not sure exactly what to do there> Can someone let me know what to do or point me in the direction of some sort of tutorial for this. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

H Claude. Would you mind sharing with me how you have the midi settings set up for the Beat Buddy to control the sync on the EHX 1440 ? I’m getting no flashing lights on the Ext Clock or 1 Shot buttons when I start my beat buddy song and I cant record any loops at all. Is there a specific midi Out channel# I need to set on the Beat Buddy? Its almost as if my brand new 1440 is not getting any midi signals.

Make sure the Beat Buddy is sending OUT on the same channel as the EHX 1440 is listening IN.

Thanks. That makes sense. I guess I just don’t know how to set the receiving Channel on the 1440. I’ll have to research this. Its not clear in the manual. I did try every single channel on the BB midi out settings (1-16) with no luck.

After a second thought and quick scan of the 1440 manual, the midi channel might not be relevant. Hopefully someone else can chime in here to help.

Thx for trying. Maybe I’ll try another midi cable just in case.

FYI: I’ve confirmed there is a problem with the BB breakout cable after trying 3 different midi patch cables to the 1440. The midi in works fine but the midi out is a flaky connection. I intermittently get the 1440 Ext Clk and 1 Shot lights to blink as they should when they receive a signal from the BB but the minute I let go of the connection the signal drops. Time to see if Singular Sound will honor a warranty on this. :frowning:

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Got my replacement BB Midi Breakout cable today and happy to say it works and I can now sync midi clock and record loops that sound pretty accurately synced so far. Next question from a midi newbie: Right now via my tablet I can select a song in my setlist and auto trigger the BB song with correct tempo etc. Is there a way via midi from the BB to then auto select a pre-recorded loop (#1-20) on the EHX 1440 or is this asking too much?. I know I can get the EHX Triple Foot Controller Remote Footswitch to select a loop number but this will be one more step which I figure may be a bit too much foot action while doing a live gig.

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According to the EHX manual, the only midi functionality in the 1440 is clock (sync) and “start”. I don’t find mention of any other midi capabilities.