Electro Harmonix Meletron Pedal

I posted before singing the praises of the B9 pedal and how it fills out your sound, especially if you’re a soloist or duo. Well my Electro Harmonix E9 just arrived and it blows the B9 away! You now have a perfect string section, a full orchestra, or a quartet for all those Beatles, Stones, and Moody Blues songs. The backing on The Rain Song sounds absolutely spot on and Comfortably Numb totally comes alive. The sax and horns modes are good for R&B. The choral settings are great if dark metal is your thing. The tracking is good, the latency is zero, and the setup is so much easier than a MIDI rig, plus it works just as well with an acoustic as well as an electric. If you have a Beat Buddy, a B9, and an M9, you really are a one-man band.

Hi Charles. You have me curios. I don’t see an “E9”, on their site. Can you paste a link? I just purchased the q-tron plus and having a blast. Thanks for sharing

It is called Mel9…:wink:

This sounds cool I’ll have to try it. What I do to incorporate keyboard layers in my one man band is this. I bought an ABY switch. My guitar goes into that. My A signal goes out to my normal guitar effects then to my amp. The B signal goes to a guitarrig 2 mounted on my board, the output then goes to a dedicated channel on my mixer and then the Guitar rig chord plugs in to my IPAD. My Ipad runs the Midi Guitar 2 app and IKmultimedia SampleTank app. My AB box then lets me play guitar only on A or only keys only on B or (what I use most is the mix of both guitar and light keys with A & B both on). Then through Midi - Onsong auto switches Sample Tanks patches for me depending on the song as well as switches BB to the correct song via a PUC+. For example- I use a light choir in comfortably numb, but I vintage rock organ for House of Rising Son. Just adds another layer to make the songs sound more full.

How is the tracking? Latency? Does it work well with an under the saddle transducer or are you using an electric guitar? I have a Roland G55 and even with the dedicated pickup, there are tracking issues on certain patches.

I was shocked how well it tracks but it is not perfect. For mixed guitar Chords and nice keyboard effects awesome. I do solo with it by using the sax and piano on Allman brother stormy mon. The you tube videos are accurate. I was skeptical too but have been very happy.

Wow this is cool . I would love to try it on some ELO tunes

I checked out a video of the EH C9. That sounds like the one I would want. Again though, I would have to be sure that the tracking would be tight.

Nothing is perfect in live performances, so I could live with a glitch or two. The C9 is what I have my eye on. Gotta come up with some money. The wife doesn’t get the toys thing.

I made a couple mellotron kits for the beatbuddy :slight_smile:


the newest bb mgr might be able to use these, but i know using them direct to the pedal works as well.

I saw those BB mellotron kits. I would love to try the strings one. Is it pretty easy too try it on a basic 4 chord song? Are there any directions how to trigger the strings? Along with bass and drums of course.

There are no drums in these kits, although you could modify a “with bass” kit and add these samples.

The low note is a G, midi note 43, and it goes up to F, midi note 77.

I believe they will make chords.

The shortcomings of this kit, along with all the “with bass” kits is that it hasn’t been fully implemented everywhere to honor “note-off”, or “zero velocity” notes, which allow a note to be turned off. Otherwise, each note will play its full 8 seconds, resulting in a cacophony.

here’s a link to a demo:

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I’m using an acoustic guitar with pretty heavy strings which probably gets you the best tracking because the better the guitar’s intonation, the better the accuracy. I haven’t noticed any latency whatsoever but since I want the pedal to sound like a separate instrument accompanying my guitar, I don’t mind a few microseconds of lag. I installed a LR Baggs Lyric pickup and left the undersaddle in place so the LR Baggs goes to my guitar processor and into the mixer, the piezo pickup goes to my Electro Harmonix pedals and my TC Helicon harmonizer.

This device in now on my wish list :smiley:

Thanks for alerting me to this. I popped in to update my firmware and saw your post. Just received my Mel9 today. I’ve always wanted a mellotron. Great fun.

I have the C9, Key9 and Mel9, already gigged with them twice. The Mel9 is by far the coolest pedal I have ever owned (I love playing Bittersweet Symphony with it). Those 3 pedals with my TC Ditto x4 and my beloved BeatBuddy is absolutely awesome together and truly a one man band. Now I just need to get TC Sub n Up (soon, if my wife lets me that is)