Eliminated a buzz in my PA from the BeatBuddy

I played Friday night outdoors and had a slight buzz/wave in my sound that was coming from the channel I had assigned to the BeatBuddy. I was powering the BB from my pedal board (that was already running multiple pedals). When I detached it from the board and ran the power cord supplied with the BB into a power strip the wave/buzz immediately disappeared.

Just FYI!

I find that when plugging the BB into my 8 track on it’s own channel, I have to run it through a DI box first and lift the ground to make the buzz go away. Otherwise it buzzes unless I touch it’s metal case, then the buzzing stops. Thought about playing barefoot and just resting my foot on it, but the ground lift is easier.

I noticed a power buzz when I used my pedal boards Dunlop DC Brick to power the BB. Very noticeable. When I switched to the included BB wall wart all noise went away. Dead quiet.

Appears to be the same/similar issue as this . . .


Some pedals that have timers in them like a flanger or chorus will generate noise and feed it back through a power source. Had this happen quite a bit a few months ago and actually had to remove a couple of Boss RC-2 looper pedals. I really liked both of them but they were generating a high frequency noise through my tube amps which I couldn’t hear myself because of my age and also hearing loss, but my wife could hear it and said it was terrible. I disconnected the pedals, put a battery in them and tried them by themselves. No noise but when I tried to use them with other pedals with the battery power still on, they produced the same type of noise, so I just quit trying to use them. Changed power supply but same problem. Some pedals will interact with other pedals and you just can’t use them.
Hope this helps. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I use the lil black box for my entire amp/pedal setup (humX) If theres Hum ion the ground curuit or crappy old wiring in the house or wherever ,it quietens it down or stops it.