Embarrassed to say, I cannot use BBM

I have an android phone. My wife has an iPhone. We share a pretty nice android tablet. We have an old Windows XP laptop that works fine (other than browsers not working very well any more). I have used the XP PC to update the firmware on the BeatBuddy because it’s the only device I own that has a card reader.

As you can see, none of my devices can run BBM.

BUT WAIT! I looked through the forums for a way to get BBM running on XP. BINGO! I found a way to install and run version 1.3.3 on XP. (Not ideal).

“That’s a really great story, does it ever end?”

Yes it does.

Can anyone make the latest version of BBM to run on XP? Android?

Fewer people are running full blown PC’s these days. I don’t want to have to purchase a PC to run just BBM.


You can try contacting support@singularsound.com but I doubt that you’re going to hear good news.

I don’t know if I can agree with that assessment, but I do know you can buy 2-year-old i3 laptops for very cheap money if nothing else works. My newest PC is a monster laptop that can with no card readers, but a USB card reader set me back about $15 on Amazon as well.

Not the answer to the question you asked, but definitely an option.

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Don’t feel too bad. I have a Mac and the BBM is no bueno.

All I really want to do in the immediate is to make the accent hit sound the kick AND the crash at the same time. I don’t really get only the crash. I don’t think any drummer ever has hit the crash without laying on the kick at the same time. I’ve been wanting to change that since the 1st time I used the accent hit button. Is this even possible? Possible without BBM?

SSHHHHHH!!!.. We’ll never get an Android version with this kind of talk.

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(Fair point…)


What you do is make a combination kick and crash wav and insert that as the accent hit in the song in BBM. If you search the forum for “kick crash” I think I made one. I am away from the computer now, but I can check when I get back home. What kit would this be used with?

Hi Phil! Thanks for your help.

I would definitely like a kick/crash for the rock kit. I wouldn’t mind having them for the metal kit and the standard kit too. In fact, if it could be the kick and 2 different crashes, that would even be more preferable. (3 sounds in 1 accent hit) (don’t want much, do I?)

I searched kick crash like you suggested. None of the files seem to be on Dropbox anymore. I’m like way way WAY late to the party.

Is this something I can just copy onto the SD card and then it will be available to me in the BeatBuddy accent hit selection?

If we have to get BBM involved, I’m toast and won’t be able get that working. Version 1.33 won’t even open my card.

Unfortunately, BBM is the only way to edit a kit or a song’s accent hit for the BB. Even if I were to edit just the songs you use, you would still need BBM to load those onto an SD card. If I think of some other way, I’ll let you know.

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Well I’ve been resisting the purchase of a Windows 10 PC for a single program, but …just ordered. I feel dirty somehow.

You’ll find other uses for it. I’ll get going on making those kick/crashes tomorrow. When your computer shows up feel free to ask for help with BBM after you get it installed. I am a Mac user, so I only use Windows when I have to.

Thanks Phil! I picked it up and got home with it like 20 mins ago. I’m logged in on it here now. Just about to go download BBM.