Empty Songs

I’ve had a recent issue. I’ve created parts within a song, and saved them as a song on to my SD card within the Aeros, but recently the audio within the songs has disappeared. I running the latest Aeros firmware. They were there for months, and I was able to recall them, but I recently got out to a gig, and several of the 8 or 10 songs were there, but with no audio inside the song. It’s as if the names of the songs are there, but the contents is a blank slate. Has anyone else had this issue?

Perhaps, a firmware compatibility thing from recording the song on a previous firmware version?

Do you have midi clock attached or has the time signature or tempo changed?

No, the time signature or tempo has not changed. The Midi out of the Maestro feeds into the Beatbuddy, which then feeds the Aeros.

I have seen this occasionally. I assumed it was the BB time sig/tempo. But there might be more to this.

Have you looked at the SD card to see if the files are truly gone?

I just checked the files and they are gone for 5 out of 9 songs.

@BrennanSingularSound do you by chance have any thoughts why this happened? I spent a good it of time laying down the various tracks for the songs. Is there a way you could suggest I could back up these files in the future?

You could make a copy of the entire SD card onto a folder on your computer or another SDCard.

If you needed to restore just some songs (because there were other changes not backed up), you could technically copy those over individually, but you’d have to edit/merge the .meta file if you had made any other changes. Not sure if it’s that simple. The Aeros might have something in the .meta file that prevents a simple edit from working.

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@Khicks79 There’s some chance the files (or an older version) are recoverable on the SDCard. When files are deleted from this type of filesystem, the data is often still there and the files are simply hidden.

Don’t wait too long to try this. The chances of recovery go down the more changes (writes) are made to the card. (It will usually avoid reusing the deleted blocks until it needs the space, but it varies).

There are a number of programs (many free) that can do this. They might be able to get you everything but the first character of the filename (seriously).

You can google to find a suitable program. Be careful as there might be some scammy programs out there…

Worth a shot.

Perhaps make a copy of the contents before you start…


The Aeros does something naughty, if you edit a song of the same name in Aeros, and clear the song in editing, it saves the song automatically as an empty song over your old song. So for example Song1 will save over any other Song1 that is saved to the SD card just because you edited it in the Aeros with that name. That’s a ticking time bomb.

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If that is still a known issue with the latest release, it should be front and center on the release notes.


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I think at this point, I’d probably just rerecord the tracks. I am however a bit worried about the potential of this happening again though. Thanks for your thoughts on this!

The strange thing is that I don’t remember editing, but perhaps when I opened the song, I held the clear all button down, and the song was saved empty. Hmmmm. Thanks for letting me know about this!

They don’t call it an issue, they call it ‘as meant to be’. It’s programming etiquette not to autosave over people’s files but most new programmers don’t know about all the problems we had with 8 bit computers. The older programmers would not do that.

I had the same situation months a go I lost 10 songs on an SD card I now only save them to the Aeros international memory 80 % full now with 60.